Sex Addiction Glendora Couples Counselor

Couples come into therapy for a wide range of reasons. With my specialty treating sex/porn addiction, couples often seek my support after a sexual betrayal. Are you or your partner struggling with sex, pornography, or infidelity? Have you found yourselves stuck in a cycle of having the same arguments? Do you sometimes think your partner does not “get it”? Underneath the conflict, we all want to feel heard and understood by our partner. We want to know that our partner has our back. I will provide a safe space and structure for you and your partner to communicate more effectively and work towards (re)building intimacy and connection.

I will support you and your partner with:

  • Restoring trust and intimacy
  • Healing from the pain of betrayal
  • Reigniting passionate and healthy sex
  • Communicating assertively and respectfully
  • Balancing work, children, and your relationship
  • Co-parenting effectively
  • Premarital counseling
  • Therapeutic separation