Sex Addiction Glendora Group Counselor

The SERENITY Group is for you if:

- You feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and weighed down by the constant tension and conflict in your relationship

- You want to feel more connected to your partner

- It seems almost impossible to trust again

- You wonder whether you really know your partner

- You wonder whether your partner really loves you

- You wonder why you stay and how you could possibly leave

- You feel trapped and are staying for the kids

- You find yourself feeling hurt, angry, and lost even after the relationship has ended

- You feel concerned about the impact this is having on your children

Porn Addiction Glendora Group Counseling

The SERENITY Group will help you:

- Feel more empowered so that you can express your wants and needs, as well as make decisions that follow your truth and align with your values

- Set boundaries in order to honor your voice and take care of yourself

- Practice healthy coping skills so that you can manage your stress and anxiety more effectively

- Feel more confident with how to navigate the chaos in your relationship

- Feel more connected to a support system of other strong and resilient women so that you feel less alone

- Discuss concerns appropriately and effectively with your children

- Feel more at peace so that you can put your energy into taking care of yourself and your family

SERENITY group Details

- When: TBD

- Where: Meraki Counseling

- Who: This group is perfect for the woman who is feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by the seemingly endless stress, conflict, and betrayal in her relationship, or for the woman who finds herself feeling hurt, angry, or lost after the relationship has ended.

- What: We will cover a variety of topics, depending on the needs of the group. Some topics include setting boundaries, learning to manage intense emotions in a healthy way, learning to communicate assertively and respectfully, self-care, and building a system of support.

- Why: I run groups because I strongly believe in and have experienced the power of community and social support. Groups provide a safe space to share, ask questions, and receive feedback from others who are struggling (or have struggled) with similar concerns. I am passionate about bringing together betrayed partners to find a strong network of support and to feel less alone.

- Cost: The investment for group is $260 per month. This is paid in full on the 1st of every month and is charged to the credit card you provide. This holds your place in the group. Insurance may reimburse you for a portion of the cost if you have out-of-network benefits. Please call your insurance company and ask what your out-of-network mental health benefits are for CPT code 90853 if you want to determine the reimbursement rates.

Please note that a pre-group intake session is required before joining a group. Also, meeting with an individual therapist is highly recommended, though it is not required.

*There are only a few spots available!

Sex Addiction Counselor Glendora

Who runs the SERENITY group?

I'm Christene Lozano, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, and founder of Meraki Counseling in Glendora, CA. I have facilitated sex and porn addiction groups for men, as well as women's groups for partners of sex and porn addicts. As the intensive outpatient program director for Sano Center, I have also facilitated psychoeducation classes for sex and porn addiction, as well as mindfulness-based relapse prevention classes for sex addiction. I have witnessed firsthand the healing and growth that comes from the loving support and vulnerability of groups. I'd love for you to experience this as well!


Groups are an amazing way for betrayed partners to:

- Relate to each other and feel validated in their experiences

- Learn healthy coping skills to help manage challenging and overwhelming emotions

- Feel less alone in their struggles

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